Friday, February 5, 2016

They've Started Framing!

Framing Begins

I am pleased to say that, as of this week, framing has commenced on our house.  It is going very quickly - so much so that the crews are working faster than I can get out there to take pictures!  Everything is coming together nicely at this point - we're framing and we've had the good weather for it, and they are still working on getting the missing basement window in.  In fact, if I'm not mistaken, they are getting ready to frame the roof, as I drove by today and they were assembling the frame/rafters for it.  Not a whole lot more to share at this point - just that we're extremely excited and very happy to see things progressing.  We are neck and neck with our neighbor's house (which is also a Milan), so it will be interesting to see who's is completed first.  I will continue to drive by, take pictures, and post them here for ya'll to see. At this point, I think I'll need to make an appointment with my PM to go onto the site and get some close-up pictures of the work being done.

Next milestone will be our pre-drywall meeting with our PM.  In the meantime, it's time to start thinking about homeowner's insurance options, settlement services shopping, and mortgage rate lock!  Still no official date for closing, but last I heard from PM about it was early April.

Ryan Homes Milan Framing first day first floor garage
First day of framing and look how much they got done!  They were also doing our garage floor this day.

Ryan Homes Milan Framing second day house wrap
Second day of framing

Ryan Homes Milan Framing construction paneling

Ryan Homes Milan Framing lumber wrap construction process
Fourth day of framing... note the wrap

Ryan Homes Milan Framing fourth day second floor construction

Ryan Homes Milan Framing Elevation L cottage roof window construction
Working on the roof infrastructure!  See that window in the roof panel?  You get that if you choose Eleveation "L" with the Milan.


  1. Congrats! You'll start to pick up some steam now.

  2. How exciting!! I SO can't wait to be at *this* stage in the process!!
    {knock on wood}-- glad things are moving smoothly at this point!!

  3. Thanks you guys! Am really excited that the pace has picked up so quickly.

  4. Dustin.

    This might be inappropriate to ask and I am sorry.
    So base was 239. After all said and done with upgrades. What was the final price.

    My wife and I are thinking about building. Base price here in NJ is 270. We want to get an idea for how high it will get. We cannot go more than 300.

    1. Hi Joe. We spent about $50k in upgrades, and that was after incentives and some negotiating. Before incentives/negotiation, we were around $70k in upgrades. We've invested heavily into things that would be hard for us to do after construction is complete, as well as flooring, and pretty much upgraded everything in the kitchen. Morning room was an expensive add on - about $12k. Even with how much we're spending, we're still not getting things like a deck... that can be built later... that money went into something more practical for initial construction costs, like extra windows.

      Happy to say that, in the end, we landed in the mid $280's. I feel like we did good, even thought we probably could've negotiated down a few more items. But hey, you live and you learn!

      Hope that helps and good luck in your building endeavors!

  5. Yes it did. Thank you Dustin. Good luck and will continue to follow


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