Saturday, January 30, 2016

and... GOOD NEWS

Problems Resolved

After learning about my distress about the whole basement window missing situation (and about our construction delays), my PM was quick to setup a meeting with me to talk about everything.  I really appreciated that.  To be clear, I am not upset with our PM - I believe he has been very accommodating and has done a good job thus far.  My gripe is with the inconsistent floor plans on the Milan - some show one window, some show two, etc.  The one I based my purchasing decision has TWO.  However, as I learned from my PM yesterday, the one we were missing is actually an OPTIONAL egressed window.  That's all fine, but it's not labeled like that on the floor plan material they give out.  So, I told him that is my gripe - only that I was mislead and that Ryan Homes needs to do a better job at keeping the marketing plans consistent with their actual blueprints (or at least make sure everything "optional" is clearly labeled that way).  Andrew actually asked our SR to send our feedback up to corporate and request new floor plans to give to customers.  Pretty impressed by that - thanks Andrew.

Anyways, because I was so upset about the whole thing, they agreed to put in the basement window which I am absolutely THRILLED about.  I'm very happy that my PM seemed genuinely caring about the matter and basically corrected a problem that wasn't his fault - he doesn't draw the floor plans for Ryan Homes, after all.  So.... I believe I can FINALLY PUT THIS ISSUE TO REST.  :)

Regarding the delays, my PM explained that they are playing a bit of catch up on things but they are making my house a priority and he's going to put his best crew on it to get it back on track - AWESOME.

The other thing I want to post here is that I vented pretty hard on my PM and SR about the missing window and the delays.  They both sat down with me and we talked for a while.  Part of the problem is that we haven't talked face-to-face since our Pre-Con meeting and doing so really helped clear the air on things and helped me get a better understanding of where we are in the process.  They were both patient and understanding and I really did get the feeling that they wanted to make sure I left there happy and with the answers I was seeking, which I did.  So, Mindy and Andrew, thank you for hearing me vent (especially about things out of your control and more on the corporate level), and for taking care of me.  Ryan Homes Corporate... I would advise you to take note on this because these people just saved you from a very angry phone call from me.  You really need to address those floor plans inconsistencies though.


Ryan Homes Milan basement window correction
The cut out the missing window today (right side)... not sure what that is on the left....?

Ryan Homes Milan basement window correction close up
Close-up of our newly cut basement window

Ryan Homes Milan basement gravel sump pump
Just a picture of the basement - sump pump is at the top left

Ryan Homes Milan basement window wrong spot
Don't know what this is... maybe they started to cut the missing window in the wrong spot??

Ryan Homes Milan basement window wrong location problem
Again... wonder if this is a mess-up... :(

Ryan Homes Milan basement window morning room
This is the window they put in the morning room part - not the missing one

Ryan Homes Milan basement
Another angle of the basement

Ryan Homes Milan sump pump close up
Close-up of the sump pump

Ryan Homes Milan basement morning room
Back of the basement (morning room part)

Ryan Homes Milan basement window cut out
And... there's the missing window all cut out now   :)

Ryan Homes Milan garage

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bad News

We Have Problems

Finally received a communication back from my PM yesterday and, unfortunately, there's some bad news (just like I feared).

Here's the story so far (summarized)....

The subs who did the foundation did not notch for a basement window at one the locations as indicated in our Milan floor plan.  Our floor plan showed two windows in the basement - we only got one... and it's the one in the UNFINISHED part (there is only one in the finished portion.. that's the one we're missing).  Naturally, I informed my PM.  He said basically that he was looking into getting the window. I said okay and waited to hear back with an update on the window.  And then waited more, and more..... Lumber delivered on 1/6/2016.  Had some freezing temps and a few snow showers.  A week later... still no work done to the house.  Lumber continues to sit untouched, now under all the snow, ice, and rain that has fallen.  Other houses under construction in the new neighborhood that were "behind" us now suddenly "catch up" to us in terms of progress.  More snow, some rain, low temps, another week later, and still no word from PM.  I call Sales Rep.  She tells me that our house is still on schedule and not to worry because even if it seems like they're not doing anything on the house, things are always in motion .  Also find out that our PM has been on vacation and won't be back until 1/25/2016.  Am now worried... still no work done on the house and I just KNOW we're falling behind schedule at this point.  Lumber continues to sit.  A week later (on 1/27/2015), PM is supposed to back on the job by now... I drive by the site... still no basement window and no other progress whatsoever.  I e-mail PM asking for an update.

Here is the floor plan I received from Ryan Homes with the missing basement window circled:

Ryan Homes Milan messed up basement window bad construction error issues


PM e-mails me back and states that he is "surprised" that no work was done while he was out, but says the workers are behind because of the bad weather.  Says that we are now delayed ONE MONTH.  Okay, so guess how long it's been since they worked on our house.... ONE MONTH.  Now we're delayed... ONE MONTH!  I understand bad weather makes things harder and sometimes slows things down, but Ryan Homes ASSURED me that their subs still work during winter weather.  Not to mention, it has been cold, but there have been several 40 degree plus days where I have drove by and STILL there was nobody working. 

I am not quite sure what to do. I am kinda upset about the window and feel like Ryan Homes shouldn't be giving out floor plans with windows if, in fact, there aren't any.  ON TOP OF EVERYTHING ELSE..... WE'RE DELAYED A MONTH, WHILE OTHER HOUSES ARE BEING WORKED ON INSTEAD OF OURS.

I AM OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS AT THIS POINT.  Does anyone know who I might call or e-mail to complain about the situation about the basement window?  SOMEONE needs to know at Ryan Homes that if they don't plan on including two windows on the Milan, then the floor plan they're presently giving customers is MISLEADING.

Friday, January 15, 2016

More Photos

Foundation and Support Beams

My parents were kind enough to snap some more photos of our site today and they show, in good detail, our basement walls, support beams, the GEO mat lining, and our ONE (ugh) basement window.  They were adventurous enough to get on the backside of the lot and get some pictures from some different angles then I usually get them   :)

Slight complaint... second day of nice temperatures and it doesn't look like Ryan Homes has done a damn thing.  In fact, nothing has changed since last week... and STILL no basement window!  I don't understand why they aren't framing on days that the temperatures aren't in the single digits (like they were earlier this week)....

Ryan Homes Milan basement walls support beams
Support beams and basement walls in the rec area and morning room... but still no floor!

Ryan Homes Milan GEO mat pea gravel back fill
GEO mat lining and pea gravel backfill

Ryan Homes Milan backfill garage concrete driveway
Garage and driveway

Ryan Homes Milan basement window drain concrete notch
Our ONE basement window notch.... we should have TWO!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Lumber, Update, and Follow-Up

Lumber and Windows Delivered

Our concrete basement floor has still not been poured due to the freezing temperatures.  Our PM says they are going to start framing anyway and then pour the concrete floor later on when, either it warms up slightly, or everything is to the point where they can apply heat to the area in order for it to cure properly.  At any rate, our lumber, doors, and windows HAVE arrived - they were delivered last Wednesday (1/6/16). As of yesterday, when I drove by the site, all that stuff was still sitting exactly where it was delivered and no work on the house has been done as far as framing.  That being said, they did install the support beams (sans the basement poles because of no flooring), installed the GEO mat lining around the foundation walls, back-filled the ground around the foundation, and excavated the front and sides of the lot.  So, there has been some progress, but, if I'm to be honest, I was expecting them to be into framing mode by this point.  Now, all that lumber and stuff has been sitting in freezing temps and is now, thanks to the significant snowfall we had in the region yesterday, covered in snow and ice.  It seems like they should've placed tarps over all that stuff to protect it but they didn't.  Well, here's hoping that doesn't bite us in the ass.  I know people say it's fine - but it's a bit different when you're the one building and it's your money invested.

Ryan Homes Milan windows stairs doors delivered

Ryan Homes Milan windows stairs doors

building Ryan Homes Milan lumber delivered

building Ryan Homes Milan lumber framing

building Ryan Homes Milan GEO mat lining basement

building Ryan Homes Milan lumber

building Ryan Homes Milan support beams

Update on the Basement Window

In light of the problems with them forgetting one of my basement windows as described in my previous post, our PM has assured me that he will make this right one way or another. THANKS ANDREW. He is currently looking into if he can still get the window done and what kind of headaches it might entail.  THAT'S GREAT - hoping he can still get that done.  A couple of his concerns were that he didn't know if he could get proper drainage from the window area now that the concrete walls are up, and also how it might affect the lot grade (which I don't personally understand how that would any different than before this mess), but hey I'm not a project manager.  So anyways, I'm still waiting to hear back from him on all this.  Things seem to be moving rather slow lately.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

First Construction Error

Construction Plans Error

Well it was bound to happen, but I'll admit I didn't expect it to happen this quick.  We have our first construction error.  While driving by our construction site the other day, I noticed that, when they poured the basement walls, they forgot to make a notch for one of the basement windows!  They put the one in the morning room part of the basement, but they left out the one on the other side of the MR - which is actually the most important one because it's the only window in our "finished" basement space.

I brought this to my PM's attention and he seemed to think there was some kind of miscommunication between the contractors.  He's supposed to get back to me to let me know how this is going to be handled.  I hope they can make it right because I really wanted that window since it'll be the only source of natural light in our "finished" basement space.

I'm also a bit disappointed I caught this before anyone on the Ryan Homes side.  This is exactly why I'm keeping a close eye on our construction, and y'all should be too.  Make sure to at least drive by the site every other day!

Well, here's hoping Andrew can get this corrected for us and we'll have a window liked we planned... :/   GO ANDREW!

Here's our basement plan.  Circled is the window they forgot.

Ryan Homes Milan Basement Floor Plan

And.... no window!

Ryan Homes Basement Construction

Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year! (quick update)

First and foremost, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all and here's wishing you the best in 2016!

I've been crazy busy the last two weeks with the holiday hustle, but I have been by to check on our construction a couple times. Everything is still on track with no noticeable delays yet. They have poured our basement walls and all the support beams have arrived (not yet put in though). The lumber was supposed to be delivered today but when I drove by this afternoon I didn't see anything. 

Anyways, here are some new photos with our freshly poured walls!

Ryan Homes Milan Basement

Ryan Homes Milan Basement

Ryan Homes Milan Basement

Ryan Homes Milan Basement