Monday, February 8, 2016

More Framing Photos

Framing Continues

Pleased to say that we've seen a heck of a lot of progress since they started framing only a week ago!  As of yesterday, these photos are current.... and it actually is looking like a house now!  At some point soon, I'm going to contact my PM to go on the site and get some close-ups.

We're neck and neck with the neighbors house still.  They have their shingles installed and I believe that is coming up for us this week... I wouldn't be surprised, at rate things are moving, if they're working on that as I'm typing this....

New in these photos.... house is now fully wrapped, roof infrastructure is up, and we have windows!  We got some really nice photos with awesome blue skies in the background.

Props to our PM and construction crews because, for the past week, every time I have drove by, they have been there WORKING.

Ryan Homes Milan new construction

Ryan Homes Milan framing windows roof

Ryan Homes Milan photo

Ryan Homes Milan windows installed
Ryan Homes Milan side of house

Ryan Homes Milan laundry room window

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