Sunday, February 28, 2016

Framing Complete - Moving Along

Framing Done... on to Plumbing and HVAC

This past week was, apparently, a busy one!  For the most part, it looks like they've completed the plumbing and HVAC.  There are still a few things they need to do (like install drain traps, etc.), but it looked pretty complete to me.  During this walk-through I noticed a few things that I'll be bringing to my PM's attention - more on that with the pictures below.

Here's a run down of our progress at this point:
  • Framing complete
  • Plumbing almost complete
  • HVAC almost complete
Next up:
  • Electrical/low-voltage stuff (Guardian)
  • Insulation
  • Pre-drywall meeting
Want to also give credit to my PM's (we now have two), Andrew and Bryan, and the trade crews for doing an exceptional job with the framing, plumbing, and HVAC.  I was pretty impressed and everything I asked for was done!!

And now for the onslaught of photos!

ryan homes hvac duct
HVAC - main air return and vertical duct to second story

ryan homes plumbing kitchen
Drain pipe from second story bathroom - kitchen sink and dishwasher will be connected to this

ryan homes plumbing mistake
Looks like they didn't exactly know where to drill

ryan homes plumbing mistake
Again, wrong holes drilled (kitchen sink/DW water lines)

ryan homes milan powder room
Powder room

ryan homes plumbing pressure test
Powder room sink where they connected their pressure gauge

ryan homes milan basement window
The "missing" basement window - love it!  So glad we got this.

ryan homes basement bath rough ins
Basement bath rough ins exactly where I wanted them

ryan homes cold air return basement
Air return duct in the basement rec room

ryan homes water heater
50 gallon electric water heater with mixing valve

ryan homes sump pump
Sump pump (it was full of water)

Our Goodman high efficiency furnace

ryan homes furnace exhaust
Furnace exhaust out the side of the house just above the foundation wall, but there seems to be an extra hole drilled here too...

ryan homes basement bath media room
Future basement bathroom location on the left, media room (will be unfinished) behind it

ryan homes garage inside
Garage interior (looking from family entry)

ryan homes milan morning room
Morning room

ryan homes stairs
Stairs to second story

ryan homes milan front hall
Front hall/dining room/study (in the front)

ryan homes fire place
Gas fire place

ryan homes milan family room
Family room east wall

ryan homes hvac vent
One of the HVAC vents in the family room

ryan homes duct vent
HVAC vent in the dining room (east wall)

ryan homes patio door
Patio door

ryan homes milan study

ryan homes milan garage interior
Garage interior (north wall)

ryan homes milan bedroom 3
Bedroom 3

ryan homes wood splinter crack stairs mistake
Some kind of splinter/crack in the stairs to second story

ryan homes milan thermostat location
Thermostat location (just to the right of the stairs)

ryan homes second floor bath
Upstairs secondary bath

ryan homes vanity
Plumbing for vanity in secondary bath

ryan homes soaking tub
Master bath soaking tub with window (looking out back of house)

ryan homes shower
Future master bath shower location

ryan homes bath plumbing
Master bath soaking tub plumbing

ryan homes shower plumbing
Master bath shower plumbing

ryan homes double vanity
Master bath double vanity plumbing

ryan homes toilet plumbing
Master bath toilet plumbing

ryan homes not sealed mistake
Master bedroom south wall - see the outside light coming in through those two studs... I don't like that!

ryan homes hvac dead space
Corner of master bedroom where HVAC duct comes up from first floor

ryan homes hvac duct work attic
Then turns into this in the attic where all these insulated ducts come off and feed into the upstairs rooms

ryan homes hvac duct vent
One of the future vents - I like the work they did on all these

ryan homes milan loft
The loft

ryan homes milan loft windows
Loft windows

ryan homes air return ceiling
Air return in the ceiling of the second floor (just next to the stairs)

ryan homes milan laundry
Laundry room window

ryan homes dryer vent
Laundry room dryer vent

ryan homes washer plumbing
Laundry room washer plumbing

ryan homes bathtub
Upstairs secondary bath tub/shower

ryan homes milan second floor
Looking into the second floor from the top of the stairs

ryan homes milan bedroom 2
Bedroom 2

Bedroom 2 south wall window - again, see where the daylight is coming through??

ryan homes roof trusses
I don't know what this is... it was mounted between the roof trusses...

ryan homes milan master bathroom
Master bedroom looking into master bath

ryan homes master bathroom window tub
Master bathroom window

ryan homes milan second floor bathroom
Upstairs secondary bath with master bath directly behind it (looking at it from the top of stairs)

ryan homes milan dining room
Dining room

ryan homes milan front door
Front door

ryan homes plumbing traps
Plumbing for second story (missing traps)

ryan homes shower drain
Master bath shower drain will go here

ryan homes plumbing
More plumbing

ryan homes toilet drain
Toilet/shower drain coming from upstairs secondary bath and down to the basement

ryan homes milan family entry
Looking into family entry from kitchen

ryan homes milan morning room
Morning room again

ryan homes milan family room fire place
Family room southwest corner

ryan homes milan garage
Garage interior south wall

ryan homes shower look design
Then the master bath shower came!  Not really a big fan of how it looks.  I think we should be able to pick from several designs.