Thursday, February 18, 2016

Framing Update

Framing Almost Done

It has been a little bit since my last post, but Ryan Homes nearly completed framing on our house (for the most part).  There has also been progress in other areas.  We were careful to photograph as much as we could... not only for documentation purposes - but also to serve as a reference if we need help remembering where certain studs are, etc.

Since my last post, here is what has been accomplished:
  • First and second floor framing
  • Sub flooring installed
  • Garage door installed
  • Roof sheeting and shingles done (almost)
Things not yet done:
  • Basement flooring not poured (been too cold)
  • Garage floor not poured
  • Porch not poured
  • Basement finished area/bathroom not framed
  • Happy to say they seem to have completed installation of our "missing" basement window, but still no drain or well put in for it

Ryan Homes garage door cottage elevation L
Garage door installed - the design is part of our "cottage" elevation L

Ryan Homes garage interior framing
Looking into the garage

Ryan Homes family room fire place
Family room and fire place

Ryan Homes Milan fire place
Fire place

Ryan Homes dining room front entry hall
Dining room and front entry hall

Ryan Homes study
The study

Ryan Homes cracked window
We have a cracked window in the study!  Oh no...

Ryan Homes family room kitchen morning room
Looking in from front entry hall into family room/kitchen/morning room

Ryan Homes Milan family room kitchen morning room
Family room/kitchen/morning room

Ryan Homes kitchen morning room
Kitchen and morning room

Ryan Homes stairs to second floor
Looking at stairs to second floor from family room 

Ryan Homes Milan dining room wall
Fire place/dining room wall

Ryan Homes hole in plywood
There's a hole in the plywood that will be behind our kitchen stove...

Ryan Homes morning room breakfast bar
Morning room - that half wall will be our breakfast bar

Ryan Homes Milan family room
Family room

Ryan Homes Milan morning room
Morning room

Ryan Homes Milan loft
Second floor loft

Ryan Homes Milan bedroom 2
Loft looking into bedroom #2

Loft windows

Ryan Homes Milan stairs
Looking at stairs/master bedroom from loft

Ryan Homes stairs
Stairs from loft

Second floor stairs

Ryan Homes Milan master bedroom
Master bedroom east wall

Ryan Homes owner bedroom
Master bedroom south wall

Ryan Homes Milan master bathroom
Master bathroom

Ryan Homes owner bathroom
Secondary bath looking into master bath

Ryan Homes laundry room
Laundry room with window... so glad we got this!

Ryan Homes Milan model
It's beautiful!

Ryan Homes laundry room window
North side of house

Ryan Homes basement framing
This is the lumber for our basement... I think

Ryan Homes morning room outside
North side with morning room

Ryan Homes Milan back of house
East side (back) of house

Ryan Homes back of home
Different angle

Ryan Homes Milan exterior
South side

Ryan Homes exterior
South side again

Ryan Homes Milan basement window
"Missing" basement window found!

Ryan Homes foundation patch
They patched the foundation here in order to better accommodate a support beam

Ryan Homes
Southwest angle

Ryan Homes Milan neighbors
We're neck and neck with our neighbor's house!  They're about a week ahead of us and are also building a Milan

Ryan Homes neighbors same model
It will be interesting to compare notes with our neighbors about their experience once we meet them

Ryan Homes beautiful homes
Two beautiful homes!


  1. Dustin, I think they goofed with the garage door. The windows should be curved to match the curves of the house. The Windows on your door are for other houses. check out my blog again and you'll see what I mean. Every Milan cottage elevation has had the curved windows. - John

    1. Holy crap good catch John. I totally missed that. Its on my list now with a half dozen other things. Thanks.

  2. Yeah just doesn't look right w the square Windows. Everything else looks good. Its coming along. Make sure they wrap the ends of the trusses. What you see on them now is some sort of cardboard. They should be wrapped like the rest of the house. -John


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