Saturday, January 30, 2016

and... GOOD NEWS

Problems Resolved

After learning about my distress about the whole basement window missing situation (and about our construction delays), my PM was quick to setup a meeting with me to talk about everything.  I really appreciated that.  To be clear, I am not upset with our PM - I believe he has been very accommodating and has done a good job thus far.  My gripe is with the inconsistent floor plans on the Milan - some show one window, some show two, etc.  The one I based my purchasing decision has TWO.  However, as I learned from my PM yesterday, the one we were missing is actually an OPTIONAL egressed window.  That's all fine, but it's not labeled like that on the floor plan material they give out.  So, I told him that is my gripe - only that I was mislead and that Ryan Homes needs to do a better job at keeping the marketing plans consistent with their actual blueprints (or at least make sure everything "optional" is clearly labeled that way).  Andrew actually asked our SR to send our feedback up to corporate and request new floor plans to give to customers.  Pretty impressed by that - thanks Andrew.

Anyways, because I was so upset about the whole thing, they agreed to put in the basement window which I am absolutely THRILLED about.  I'm very happy that my PM seemed genuinely caring about the matter and basically corrected a problem that wasn't his fault - he doesn't draw the floor plans for Ryan Homes, after all.  So.... I believe I can FINALLY PUT THIS ISSUE TO REST.  :)

Regarding the delays, my PM explained that they are playing a bit of catch up on things but they are making my house a priority and he's going to put his best crew on it to get it back on track - AWESOME.

The other thing I want to post here is that I vented pretty hard on my PM and SR about the missing window and the delays.  They both sat down with me and we talked for a while.  Part of the problem is that we haven't talked face-to-face since our Pre-Con meeting and doing so really helped clear the air on things and helped me get a better understanding of where we are in the process.  They were both patient and understanding and I really did get the feeling that they wanted to make sure I left there happy and with the answers I was seeking, which I did.  So, Mindy and Andrew, thank you for hearing me vent (especially about things out of your control and more on the corporate level), and for taking care of me.  Ryan Homes Corporate... I would advise you to take note on this because these people just saved you from a very angry phone call from me.  You really need to address those floor plans inconsistencies though.


Ryan Homes Milan basement window correction
The cut out the missing window today (right side)... not sure what that is on the left....?

Ryan Homes Milan basement window correction close up
Close-up of our newly cut basement window

Ryan Homes Milan basement gravel sump pump
Just a picture of the basement - sump pump is at the top left

Ryan Homes Milan basement window wrong spot
Don't know what this is... maybe they started to cut the missing window in the wrong spot??

Ryan Homes Milan basement window wrong location problem
Again... wonder if this is a mess-up... :(

Ryan Homes Milan basement window morning room
This is the window they put in the morning room part - not the missing one

Ryan Homes Milan basement
Another angle of the basement

Ryan Homes Milan sump pump close up
Close-up of the sump pump

Ryan Homes Milan basement morning room
Back of the basement (morning room part)

Ryan Homes Milan basement window cut out
And... there's the missing window all cut out now   :)

Ryan Homes Milan garage


  1. Glad they took care of you, I knew they could do it. glad they stepped up.

  2. Yes, I was happy about their quick response too.


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