Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Lumber, Update, and Follow-Up

Lumber and Windows Delivered

Our concrete basement floor has still not been poured due to the freezing temperatures.  Our PM says they are going to start framing anyway and then pour the concrete floor later on when, either it warms up slightly, or everything is to the point where they can apply heat to the area in order for it to cure properly.  At any rate, our lumber, doors, and windows HAVE arrived - they were delivered last Wednesday (1/6/16). As of yesterday, when I drove by the site, all that stuff was still sitting exactly where it was delivered and no work on the house has been done as far as framing.  That being said, they did install the support beams (sans the basement poles because of no flooring), installed the GEO mat lining around the foundation walls, back-filled the ground around the foundation, and excavated the front and sides of the lot.  So, there has been some progress, but, if I'm to be honest, I was expecting them to be into framing mode by this point.  Now, all that lumber and stuff has been sitting in freezing temps and is now, thanks to the significant snowfall we had in the region yesterday, covered in snow and ice.  It seems like they should've placed tarps over all that stuff to protect it but they didn't.  Well, here's hoping that doesn't bite us in the ass.  I know people say it's fine - but it's a bit different when you're the one building and it's your money invested.

Ryan Homes Milan windows stairs doors delivered

Ryan Homes Milan windows stairs doors

building Ryan Homes Milan lumber delivered

building Ryan Homes Milan lumber framing

building Ryan Homes Milan GEO mat lining basement

building Ryan Homes Milan lumber

building Ryan Homes Milan support beams

Update on the Basement Window

In light of the problems with them forgetting one of my basement windows as described in my previous post, our PM has assured me that he will make this right one way or another. THANKS ANDREW. He is currently looking into if he can still get the window done and what kind of headaches it might entail.  THAT'S GREAT - hoping he can still get that done.  A couple of his concerns were that he didn't know if he could get proper drainage from the window area now that the concrete walls are up, and also how it might affect the lot grade (which I don't personally understand how that would any different than before this mess), but hey I'm not a project manager.  So anyways, I'm still waiting to hear back from him on all this.  Things seem to be moving rather slow lately.


  1. He's feeding you crap. I've seen it fixed...make him fix it and if he won't go back your SR and complain..put up a stink.

    As for the lumber...we went thru the same. It rained on our build for 2 weeks straight. Pools of water all over everything. It sucks but it will be ok. If anything, when you do your pre drywall mtg make sure the floors are flat. If not make them fix.

    1. Thanks for the insight John. I am e-mailing our PM now to find out what the hell the deal is with the window. Getting a bit frustrated at this point in the lack of communication to be honest. Not to mention, I went by the site yesterday and nothing had been done and no one was working (on any of the new houses). It was 45 degrees and sunny and the past week has been freezing so you'd think they should've been doing a lot of work while we have the nice temperatures... nope!

  2. Awesome blog..... we're right behind ya in the build process!!

    1. Thank you Luke, glad you found us. Congrats on the new home and look forward to followin ya'lls progress.

  3. Hi Dustin, we are building a Milan here in VA and we are right behind you in the process the concrete walls has not been outed due to the freezing temps tyre here so we are just waiting. What is your estimate date for closing on your home? We were told April 20-28

  4. Ryan homes sucks we closedmin june of 2015 and by august of 2015 my 3 car driveway was cracked from one side to the other and the super super and vice president of ryan homes in illinois said we will address this at the10 month well just did the 10 month and was told nope driveway not getting fixed so I paid 350k for a new house with a cracked driveway you would think that ryan homes would replace this to make meor Iits customers happy buy once they get your signature on the contract they could care less about you which to me is down right bad business


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