Sunday, March 6, 2016

Ready for Drywall

HVAC, Insulation, Plumbing, and Electrical Completed

The past couple of weeks have been VERY productive.  Ryan Homes has completed the HVAC, Insulation, Plumbing, and the Electrical (well except for tying everything into the breaker panel).

Naturally, we had our pre-drywall meeting with our PMs, Andrew and Bryan, who took us through the house and was patient while we looked at everything.  He did a good job explaining what had been completed and what was still to come.  There were a couple issues with the Guardian stuff - speakers not in the right place, missing cable jack, etc. - but Andrew called them and they were out to fix everything while we we're still there!  I was impressed with the service and professionalism by everyone during this meeting.  The only major issue I had was they put my powder room exhaust fan flush with the wall instead of centering it over the toilet area.  But, I was told that it would be moved!

Nothing really major to note on anything else... framing and pre-drywall have been pretty smooth and without any major causes for concerns (thankfully).  We're getting really excited now and things are moving at light speed.  We even have our official closing date!



It's time to start packing up and scheduling utility transfers!  On a more emotional note, I just want to say that to stand in your own home with so much already done when, three months ago, you'd have just been standing on an empty lot.... amazing feeling.  Surreal almost.

Where we go from here:

  • Drywall
  • Siding and Stone
  • Lighting and finish electrical
  • Low voltage (Guardian) items installed
  • Wet flooring (hardwood, vinyl, etc.)
  • Cabinetry

And now the pictures...

milan hvac duct
master bedroom hvac duct into attic dead space

milan master bath
looking into the master bath

milan master bedroom window
master bedroom window 1

milan master bedroom window
master bedroom window 2

the drywall is already here!

master bath plumbing and electrical

master bath vanity rough ins

soaking tub in master bath

electrical switches installed

insulation bedroom 2 - closet on left

nicely cut around the outlets

they actually did a good job insulating

the electrical wiring was top notch - very good craftsmanship

guardian low-voltage outlets in the loft

again, the loft.. that's drywall on the other side of the wall

loft window, more drywall


just like the electrical, good craftsmanship on the insulation

front entry - study on the left

study windows - the cracked one still hasn't been replaced

study corner

study corner with a guardian data jack

coat closet that insets into the study a bit

dining room southeast corner

dining room east wall

fire place and tv pre-wire - love that they added those extra boards to mount to

family room southeast corner

family room south wall

family room - kitchen and morning room to the left

patio door in morning room

morning room with the optional windows on the left - makes all the difference - GET THEM

future breakfast bar

other side of breakfast bar in kitchen

main kitchen wall where fridge and range will go

again, main kitchen wall - looking into the powder room on the other side of the wall

insulated garage

garage southeast corner

no, they didn't insulate the whole garage starting out (but let's just say it is now fully insulated!)

there's the furnace

water heater

breaker box with a lot of wires going into it now!

that yellow cord is a 20 amp circuit that will power our kitchen island outlet

insulated finished area in basement

furnace on right, guardian smart box on left

basement bath

family room south wall with canned lights over it

kitchen west wall, adjacent to family entry and the stairs

garage ceiling insulated because of bedroom above it

future guardian ceiling speaker bracket, which they broke after i requested it be moved.....

electrical and guardian data/cable jacks in the southwest corner of family room


  1. Hi! Your blog has been very helpful. Quick question, and please note I know nothing about construction standards...Will there be any sound proofing or insulation on your interior walls between bedrooms, or just the drywall? If not, was that even an option? Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much! So glad I have been able to help other! Sorry for the lateness of this response, but to answer your question, where we are (Ohio) you do not get sound proofing or insulation on the interior walls - only exterior facing walls get insulation... including in walls in the garage on the opposite side of habitable space. Extra insulation or sound proofing is a non-standard request, according to my PM. It CAN be done, but like anything else, it'll cost extra.

    2. Got it. Thanks! It's hard to think of "non-standard requests" without the help of posts like yours. I really appreciate the info.

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