Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Exterior Work Continued

Siding, Stone, and Shutters

Over the past week, I've been able to get about one photo a day of Ryan Homes finishing up the exterior of the house.  It has really come a long way and, as of the this post, they seem to be pretty much wrapped up.  The only thing left to do is for them to paint our front door (it will be black).  It all looks great - my only concern is some of the trim (purely decorative) pieces on the final photo look a bit "off" from where they should be.  Also, it seems like a long piece of white trim is missing on the porch between the siding and the stone.  The white piece coming down just above the porch looks like it should continue all the way through the porch. Every photo I've seen of the Milan version 6 has this trim piece that seems to be "missing" on ours.  I'll be following up with my PM about these things and will post any updates.

ryan homes milan exterior trim
siding done - they're finishing trim and stone here

ryan homes milan exterior stone
another angle

ryan homes cottage shutters
stone and trim complete, shutters on the left side of the house - the color we chose for those is "dark berry"

ryan homes shutters dark berry
another angle in the morning light

ryan homes milan porch
afternoon light - they also had the partial stone pillar on the porch done

ryan homes milan porch pillar
another angle

ryan homes milan
and, finally, the right side shutters are on, and our front door (still unpainted) is on, and they the porch pillar is fully complete.  looks great!


  1. Looks good but I have to point out some errors on this elevation:

    1. Garage door windows are wrong
    2. There is supposed to be a row of vertical stone on the top of the double window that follows the curve of the trim piece. This extenuates the curve and kames it pop, its missing on yours and to be honest, looks weird.
    3. Missing 3 Corbel on right side of house, there supposed to be 3.
    4. Vertical white trim on 2nd floor where stone meets siding is supposed to pickup again after roof line and continue on bottom where stone meets siding near front door.

    Your PM does not have an eye for detail whatsoever.

    1. Thanks for the input!

      Since these pictures were taken they have corrected the garage doors and added the missing Corbel. But they still haven't added the stone curve about the double windows and I plan on bringing that up.

      Also, regarding the vertical white trim piece... I asked about this and our PM said it was not part of the Milan version 6 plans. Do you know if that's correct?

      Thanks again!

  2. I'm also building a Milan elevation L and Ryan homes won't give me the correct garage doors simply because they don't like the way it looks. Any ides on how I can convince them to change it?

    1. I don't think Ryan has an opinion about how things look....they just gave you whatever door it was cheapest for them to procure at your location and at the time of your build.


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