Thursday, March 10, 2016

Exterior Work Started

They've Started Siding

In the middle of dry-walling, work finally began on the exterior of the home.  Seems like a long time coming.  They finally graded the lot, though I hear it'll have to be graded one more time prior to settlement.  They've also begun siding and already have one side of the house done!  It's going pretty quick and it's hard to keep up with the pictures, so sorry about that!  Anyways, they are working on the east (back) side of the house today and already have it partially done.

A word about the siding... 

It is beaded siding and the design of it is slightly different than what you would find on your typical vinyl-sided house, due to us getting elevation L (the "cottage elevation).  So, how is it different?  First of all, each siding piece is about 1" taller than your average piece and also slightly thicker.  And it has a bit of an inset/curved design rather than your typical sloped design.  It's very attractive and, I must say that I am REALLY happy with the color we chose... it came out looking exactly as I had hoped.  It is the Pebble Clay color for those wondering!

I can't wait to see the finished exterior with all the siding and stoning done!  I have noted that they guys doing the siding seem to be doing excellent work.  I've checked things close up and everything seems straight, secure, and, most importantly, the seams are tight and where they should be, along with the trim around things like hose spigots, etc.  Really good craftsmanship.  

Here are some pictures from the days I was able to get over there... these were taking over about a week's time.

Day 2 siding - south side done! (I love this photo w/ the blue skies behind us)

Day 4 siding - north side partially done, and east (back) was partially done too but no picture

Day 5 siding - east side almost done!

Day 6 siding - on to the front!

More pictures to come on siding as it progresses!

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