Tuesday, December 8, 2015


They've Staked the Lot

Drove by the site today and saw that they (finally) staked out our lot, so just sharing the pictures!  Hopefully breaking ground next week!  Everything seems to be on track, but I haven't heard much from the RH staff this week (which is odd), so who knows!

Ryan Homes lot Staked

Ryan Homes lot

Ryan Homes corner lot


  1. I love these little signs of big things to come! In our region, RH has a meeting every Thursday to determine whose lot they will break ground on during that week. The PM is usually at this meeting. You may want to check with your PM and ask are you on the schedule to break ground and the date.

    1. Thank you! I will definitely be sending him a message this week asking about that!

  2. Your SR can also give you your start date. They are usually more attentive then the PM.


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