Sunday, December 13, 2015

First Official Delay

Construction Delay

We got a little not so good news from our PM this past week. We were scheduled to break ground late this week and my PM informed me that day that our construction start was going to be delayed a week. So, we have our official first delay. Which I'm not too shocked about, but definitely disappointed because we have had great weather here (60+ degrees) for the past week, seeing how this is December. Anyway, checked on the weather for next week and its looking like upper 40s low 50s. Still good temps for digging and pouring the foundation. I just hope it doesn't get delayed again, because we are ready to get this train moving. Our lease end and our move in date are lined up quite nicley right now and I am really hoping not to have to do a month to month lease because of delays... its outrageously expensive!

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