Saturday, December 5, 2015

Electrical Changes?

Just wanted to pose question here:  have y'all talked with your PM about moving electrical outlets, switches, tying switches to different outlets other than per-plan, etc.?

Just wanted to know if you have asked to make these kinds of changes, how did y'alls PM react and were they able to accommodate your requests?

I am trying to setup a meeting with our PM to request some electrical outlet location changes (mostly just moved a couple feet over) and also there is a couple rooms I am trying to get the light switch tied to a different outlet.  Just trying to get a feel on what to expect here.... THANKS!


  1. If you had my PM, I don't think you would have had an issue. After hearing about your experience at Pre Con, I wish you luck. Still can't hurt to Ask. I know they can do it bc when I added my Flood light in the rear of the house, there was only 1 switch at the morning room door. I also got them to add a switch at the basement door. So yeah... its doable.

  2. Forgot to mention, I believe its code that there outlets every 6 feet so this might come into play if you ask them to move one. But still, see what he says.

  3. Thanks for the insight John. I'm going to contact my PM with the modifications. I actually sent the e-mail to him yesterday but haven't heard back yet. Out of curiosity, at what point did you present your electrical changes to your PM? Was it during your pre-con? THANKS

  4. there were some at pre con, then one as electrical was being done.

    If you go to your sales person, they have a smaller version o the blueprints for the Milan. Go to the electrical section and you can see the layout for each floor. I did this first, took pictures then made my plan based on what was standard.

    1. Thanks, John! I have paper copies of the electrical plans and have indicated all my changes - I just need our PM to approve them which is proving to be an uphill battle. More to come on this!


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