Saturday, November 14, 2015

Finalized Structure

Structural Selections

Well it's been a busy week for us with all kinds of doctor appointments, builder meetings, work, etc., but we managed to get our finalized structural changes into our sales rep the day before they were due.  So, here it is... these are what we elected structure-wise in addition to what's included in base pricing.
  • Elevation L (the cottage elevation that's included with our lot)
  • Finished Basement
  • 3 Piece plumbing rough-in in basement
  • Morning room
  • Morning room additional side windows
  • Kitchen gourmet island
  • Family room side fire place w/ granite surround
  • Converted formal living room to Study
  • Owner's bath soaking tub & shower (level 1 upgrade)
  • Laundry room window
  • Carpeted stairs with wood railing
  • Joy overhead lights in the bedrooms (sans master) and the study
  • Complete ceiling fans in master bedroom, loft, and morning room
  • Water softener rough-in
  • Electric 50 gallon water heater w/ mixing valve
That's it.  We're pretty happy with this build.  The cottage elevation is beautiful, though I wish the porch extended fully across the front of the house instead of just in front of the front door.  I mentioned it and it was not an option to add on as a standard upgrade.  The SMR said we COULD order it as a custom upgrade, but would definitely be expensive.  Eh... I supposed I can live with how it comes :)

Here is what our house will look like :)

Other thing... we did not opt for a deck or patio because we have a very good deck designer/builder in the family who will help us do this after closing at a fraction of the cost of what Ryan Homes wanted to do it during construction.  Although, we may get a patio instead because of the low maintenance.  Something to think about!

There was a big debate about getting a gas water heater as opposed to the electric one that Ryan included in our base pricing.  Although we've had gas and have found it more than sufficient for our needs, we decided to give the electric one a try since it's basically a no-charge item..... kind of worried about this one.  We have a family of four and I just hope it can keep it.... eek!

That's it for now, next up is Guardian (low-voltage) selections and then of course flooring!


  1. Sounds awesome! I think you'll be fine with the electric water heater. They've made lots of progress there. I love the way it looks!

  2. Hey Dustin, we're just about done with our Milan build. I haven't totally read your blog but something to make sure of: Since you are on a basement, make sure they don't put a bulkhead in your family room. It will be empty since your 1st fl vents will be on the floor. Bulkhead totally kills the room and glad we made them remove it.

  3. Hey John, thanks for the tip! I remember seeing exactly what you are talking about in some of the Milan photos on Google. Interestingly enough, the Milan model we saw actually didn't have the bulkhead so I thought they had upgraded their design or something. Come to think of it though the model did have a basement. Either way, I'll definitely be mentioning this to our sales rep and PM now because, yeah, we definitely don't want that. Thanks again and good luck with finishing up your Milan! We still have a long way to go :/

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    1. No problem. We added the optional windows in the Family Room so we def didn't want that thing as it would have just about met the top of the window. Ask to see the blueprints and you will see its ONLY for slabs and crawlspaces. I've seen some still have it in AND they have a basement and theres just no reason for it.


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