Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Finalized Non-Structual & Exterior

Today we finalized our non-structural changes.  Here is what we will be getting in terms of upgrades/options.  Not including our structural changes which I outlined in an earlier post.

Our Final Build

  • Interior single french basement door...$395
  • Kitchen faucet fixtures level 1 upgrade (brushed nickel)...$200
  • Kitchen cabinet upgrade level 1 ("cherry bordeaux")...$2595
  • Whole house cabinet hardware & knobs (bushed nickel)...$395
  • Kitchen granite counter-tops level 1 upgrade ("santa cecilia") with under-mounted sink...$4995
  • GE stainless steel range, dishwasher, and microwave...$1195
  • Fireplace surround granite ("tropical brown")...$595
  • Carpeted stairs with wooden railing ("black cherry") and white balusters...$895
  • Trim packaged level 1 upgrade (yields more trim throughout house and chair railing in formal dining room)...$495
  • 4 overhead joy lights (family room, study, bedroom 2, bedroom 3)...$1000
  • 3 complete ceiling fans with wall plate controllers... $1185
  • Vanity baseline cabinets ("fairfield wheat")...$0 (included in base pricing)
  • Vanity baseline counter-tops (white)...$0 (included in base pricing)
  • "Shell white" (off white) paint throughout house...$0 (included in base pricing)

Flooring Recap

  • Basement: baseline ("thornwood") carpet and base (5 lb.) padding
  • Family room:  level 1 upgrade ("northern cliffs") carpet and level 1 upgrade (8 lb.) padding
  • Dining room:  level 1 upgrade ("northern cliffs") carpet and level 1 upgrade (8 lb.) padding
  • Study:  level 1 upgrade ("northern cliffs") carpet and base (5 lb.) padding
  • First floor hall:  level 1 upgrade ("northern cliffs") carpet and level 1 upgrade (8 lb.) padding
  • First floor powder room:  baseline ("armstrong initiator 66205") vinyl
  • Foyer:  level 1 upgrade ("oak/cherry") hardwood (2 1/4")
  • Kitchen:  level 2 upgrade ("oak/cherry") hardwood (3 1/4")
  • Morning room:  level 2 upgrade ("oak/cherry") hardwood (3 1/4")
  • Family entry:  level 2 upgrade ("oak/cherry") hardwood (3 1/4")
  • Second floor (zone 2):  level 1 upgrade ("northern cliffs") carpet and level 1 upgrade (8 lb.) padding
  • Second floor owner bath:  baseline ("armstrong initiator 66205") vinyl
  • Second floor laundry room:  baseline ("armstrong initiator 66205") vinyl
  • Second floor bath:  baseline ("armstrong initiator 66205") vinyl

Exterior Selections

  • Siding:  "Pebble clay"
  • Shake:  "Sandy tan"
  • Stone:  "Conestoga Cutstone"
  • Windows:  White
  • Vinyl Trim:  White
  • Gutters:  White
  • Garage Door:  White
  • Front Door:  "Tricorn Black"
  • Shutter Color:  "Dark Berry"
  • Shingles:  "Weathered Gray"


Cherry Bordeaux Cabinets
Kitchen cabinets level 1 upgrade ("cherry bordeaux")

Fireplace Granite Surround Tropical Brown
Fireplace granite surround

Armstrong Initiator 66205 Vinyl
Vanity cabinets ("fairfield wheat") with vinyl floors ("armstrong initiator 66205")

Black Cherry Rails Northern Cliffs Carpet Level 2
Kitchen cabinets, "black cherry" stair railing, "northern cliffs" level 1 upgrade carpet, "oak/cherry 3 1/4"" level 2 hardwood, "santa cecilia" granite kitchen counter-tops
Conestoga Cutstone
"conestoga cutstone" for our exterior stone

Milan Exterior Selections
All of our exterior selections

Sandy Tan Shake Pebble Clay Siding Dark Berry Shutters Tricorn Black Front Door
"conestoga cutstone" stone, "sandy tan" shake, "pebble clay" siding, "dark berry" shutters, and "tricorn black" door

Well, that's pretty much it for now.  We're pretty excited about this build - we got everything we wanted and still stayed slightly under budget!!

Next up will be our NVR mortgage approval (fingers crossed)...

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