Sunday, June 12, 2016

Landscaping is in

Ryan Homes Milan Landscaping
Taken the day Green Pro installed the landscaping

ryan homes milan
One year after installation of landscaping... a flag pole, some mulch bed bordering, and a hell of a lot of watering later....

We have landscaping now, and it looks good from a distance, but the company that did it, Green Pro, was not very detail-oriented.

I don't have close ups of the problem areas, but here is what we had trouble with so others will know what to watch out for:
  • Gaps greater than 1" between the sod strips
  • Insufficient amount of mulch
  • Insufficient amount of seed (in the back where they seeded instead of sodded)
  • Insufficient amount of straw to cover seed
  • They don't call you to let you know that the landscaping is complete... sod dies within days if it is not watered immediately.... what if you're on vacation??
  • Quality of sod was not great - it was very dry as they let it sit on the street for a day prior to installing it
  • Both trees they planted were not centered in the holes - both were "leaning"
  • Quality of trees/shrubs is mediocre - the one tree (shown in the first photo above, replaced in the second photo) didn't survive it's first winter


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